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Uni Color Erasable Mechanical Pencil - 7 Color Set

Uni Color Erasable Mechanical Pencil - 7 Color Set

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  • Colored mechanical pencil leads tend to be softer than graphite leads, so Uni designed their Color Erasable Mechanical Pencil to be extra gentle. The internal mechanism reduces breakage by minimizing the pressure applied to the lead.
  • The Uni Color Erasable Mechanical Pencil has a cute, translucent look and a slim body that lets you fit several into a pen case. It comes pre-loaded with vibrant Uni Nanodia Color Head.
  • This lead erases easily and shows up well on both light and dark paper, so it's great for studying, color-coding, crafting, and art. It's also infused with nano-diamond particles for increased break resistance.


  • Pressure-minimizing internal mechanism that reduces lead breakage.
  • Easily erasable colored lead.
  • Colored lead that shows up well on light and dark paper.
  • This set includes 7 colors: Blue, Green, Lavender, Mint Blue, Orange, Pink, and Red. It also comes with a Uni Color Eraser, which is specially designed to erase colored leads.
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