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Ohto Mechanical Pencil Wooden Mini - 0.5 mm

Ohto Mechanical Pencil Wooden Mini - 0.5 mm

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  • For those who crave a classic look but need the convenience of a modern mini mechanical pencil, Ohto's wooden mini mechanical pencil is the perfect fix.
  • It resembles a traditional wooden pencil, with a genuine wooden outer body and topped with a pink rubber eraser. The body is even coated in a classic, subdued color.
  • On the other hand, the operation is mechanical, and lead is dispensed by clicking the eraser. This is a fun modern classic that you can enjoy everyday! 
  • The mini version is handy and compactible with travel, quick & small memo, pocket clip and user-friendly.   
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

very helpful staff .. product excellent

Amazing quality.

Thank you for being able to provide such a valuable collection of pens and pencils. This mini pencil is amazing and I hope you and wish you guys to refill the stock as well. Once again amazing service. Thank you.

Aakanksha Jayant
Loved it

It's really cute and small. like a pencil for a toddler. I love this site. Will definitely buy from you guys again. Pentel pencils next up! Also bought a Zebra Delguard and a Sarasa marble pen from you guys. Thank you for responding asap on insta and on the page itself. Didn't know about your page so was skeptical at first but i trusted my gut and placed the order.